Haven of Hope...helping girls in the foster system become successful adults.

Today I wanted to talk about a special organization that Crosswind Machining supports.  The name of the organization is Haven of Hope.  It is in Aptos, CA (there are others elsewhere also), and helps out girls that are in the foster system ages 12-18.  What Haven of Hope does to help these girls is nothing short of fantastic.  For girls aged 12-17 they help with behavioral, social, and emotional issues that keep them from being successful in foster care and in their communities.  They also help girls ages 15-18 learn how to transition out of the foster system and into the “real world” whether it is living on their own or into transitional adult housing.

I personally have known a few people while growing up that were in the foster system.  A couple of them had a pretty decent foster family, but others weren’t so lucky.  These poor kids can end up tossed around from home to home, never having a solid base to build their lives on.  They can miss out on learning basic things that should have been taught by a parent or other responsible adult such as paying rent, budgeting money, getting a job, balancing their bank account, etc.  Then at 18 years old they are dropped out of the foster system on their own with hardly any viable skills.

It is an honor to know that, not only does Crosswind make medical components that help people in the operating room, but also helps girls get the help that they need to be successful adults.  Can you imagine if your daughter, niece, friend of the family, etc. had to go through childhood and adolescence trying to navigate becoming an adult without guidance and instruction?  Without someone caring for who they are and who they will become?  Life can be difficult no matter what kind of upbringing you had, but I admire the people running Haven of Hope that give these girls support they so desperately need.

Take time and look at their website.  What a fabulous team!


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